Paint Like A Rock Star is a new TV show that features the fastest painter in the World, Rock

Demarco. In just 8 minutes, Rock can paint anything. Add a hard rocking soundtrack, some rock

and roll lights, and a blank canvass, and you have an instant Rock Star paint show! Follow Rock

behind the scenes and across the country to his gigs as Rock performs high-speed, high-energy paint

shows for Corporate Events, Television Shows, Rock Concerts, Charities, and more.

Each episode features a celebrity guest, an exciting live paint show, and plenty of backstage footage culminating in a finale performance by Rock and the guest celebrity

The segments include:


· Celebrity Interview – Rock interviews the guest celebrity about his or her experience or interest in art.

· Backstage Pass – Travel to 5 star hotels and exotic locations and see what Rock has to do prior to a show, who he meets, travel issues, and many more surprises.

· Bookings and Appearances – Rock needs gigs and it’s up to a colorful team of sales people and managers to make the machine run. See what goes in to keeping the world’s fasted painter employed.

· Celebrity Painting – The conclusion of the show will feature the celebrity guest and Rock hanging out, while Rock paints his or her image. The masterpiece will go to the celebrity’s favorite charity.


There are very few programs in the market focusing on art. Rock’s edgy look and paint style will bring excitement and interest to all ages in this thrilling reality TV show.


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Alice cooper
Carrot Top
Jeff Gordon